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garage door repair sale - $25 OFF any reapairWhether you need installation or repair, Rockwall Garage Door Repair is your one-stop, local provider of garage door repair and installation. We take pride in not only servicing our local community, but living here, sending our children to school with your children, and participating actively in local community organizations. You can rest assured that your hard-earned dollars stay in the community when you choose to work with us.

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The Local Advantage

Besides supporting the local community, there are other advantages to working with a local service. When you call Rockwall Garage Door Repair, we'll get a tech out to your home by close of business that day! Since we live, work and play in your neighborhood, we are always available when duty calls! Plus, since we aren't driving from across town, we never charge a service call fee!

Local is more Cost-Effective

With all of the cut-backs faced in the economy today, we know how much of an impact an unexpected garage door repair can have on your monthly budget. There's no need to panic when disaster strikes if you use Rockwall Garage Door Repair! Our rolling promotions take our already low prices even lower. With no service-call fee, and specials on the services we help with the most, you simply can't beat the overall value of a job done right by Rockwall Garage Door Repair!

Getting It Right the First Time

We know how valuable your time is. We spend considerable time and resources training our technicians beyond industry standards. This results in one of the most efficient operations possible. This directly translates into quicker repairs and installations of your garage door. Don't worry though, we won't rush the job! Our technicians get the job right the first time, and save you money and headache down the line with their extreme attention to detail. You can rest assured that a job done by Rockwall Garage Door Repair is a job done right.

High Quality Service and Parts

We have established relationships with multiple vendors and provide regular continuing training for our technicians in partnership with our vendors. This results in a higher quality job, and lets our technicians develop an intimate knowledge of every part we carry in our inventory. At the end of the day, you want a garage door that isn't going to break down or cause undue headaches down the road. Our high quality parts allow us to offer lifetime guarantees on many services and parts we offer. Our technicians can go over the specifics for your setup and make sure you get the perfect solution for your home.

15 Years of Experience

We've seen many garage door companies operating in our community come and go over time. We are one of the only local operations working in our community that can boast over 15 years of hard-earned customer loyalty and technical experience in the garage door repair and installation industry. We're standing by to take care your call with a smile and show you the difference working with a local company can make!

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